A Disclaimer

Hello, friends! I’m glad you’ve decided to give some of your precious time to visiting my blog. It truly feels like an honor every time I see that someone read a post. I hope you enjoy my posts and find them encouraging, perhaps even #relatable. But I just want to leave a quick disclaimer for my readers today, one I was brutally reminded of this weekend.

I went into a little bit of a spiral this weekend and when I do that I sometimes go into information gathering mode. I reach out and search for any information I can find on my current predicament: blogs, stories, sermons, scripture, random internet posts, articles, you name it. This weekend I turned to a blog from a friend of mine. It was a great post, really related to what I was going through. Perfect! Struck gold. BUT I made the mistake of comparing things a little too closely. God tried to tell me, in His still, small voice, “Her story is not your story. Her struggle is not your struggle.” But I didn’t really listen. So I got stuck on tiny points and tried to make them relevant to my life, tried to inform my decisions based on this other person’s life. That doesn’t go well. “Oh no! She had a clear ‘yes!’ from the Lord and I don’t! I’m doomed to fail!” “Oh shoot, that person needed to surrender their relationship! Probably I do too! That will certainly bring me closer to God – it’s what kicked of their whole entire transformation story!” Not a pretty situation, and I can assure you it led to much confusion and emotional drama (which, praise the Lord, got cleared up without too much damage).

All that to say: I hope you keep coming and reading my posts. I hope they make you think and consider. I hope they give you new perspectives and help clarify some of your own thoughts and emotions. I hope and pray that God uses my words to speak to you in some of your tough situations. But please, pretty please don’t make the mistake of trying to make your life match mine. My story is not your story. My struggle is not your struggle. We are not the same, praise God, that would be redundant. The body doesn’t need a bunch of identical members; we are all beautifully unique and God has placed us exactly where we are needed as it has pleased Him. So, if you’re like me and find in one of my posts something that strikes a chord, GOOD, beautiful. But when it comes to making decisions and moving forward, listen to GOD’s voice, not mine. Consult the community of wise counsel that YOU are surrounded by; God has placed you among them for a reason. My story is mine, and you can’t have it 😛 Let your story unfold just as it should — as yours.

One thought on “A Disclaimer

  1. So absolutely true. God has placed members in the body as it has pleased Him. No two offspring of God are identical. We can learn from other’s experiences at times, but they are not truth. God’s Word is truth. His communication to us is specifically for us unless He says to share it with someone else. Trying to squeeze ourselves into someone else’s situation can be unwise. Thank you for sharing your learning, dear daughter.


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