New Every Morning

I’m going to try to start writing some shorter blogs in the hopes that maybe I’ll post more often…? Haha I guess we’ll see if it works. But here goes for tonight!

I’ve recommenced praying through the Psalms now and then, as my prayer life returns and grows sweeter again. (Ugh it was literally the worst thing feeling like I lost that connection with God this summer. I know I never actually did but it felt like it did and it is sweeeeeeet to be back in a good place with Him.) I’m starting at the end and working forward, so today I found myself in Psalm 149 (I obviously haven’t made it very far hahaha).

Psalm 149: 1 (ESV)

Praise the Lord!
Sing to the Lord a new song,
    his praise in the assembly of the godly!

Singing a “new song” is a concept that comes up several times in the Bible. Nine times to be exact; mostly in the Psalms but also once in Isaiah and a couple times in Revelation. It’s a concept that I never really thought about, but pondered tonight during my prayer time. And I’m so glad I took the time to ponder!

Why a new song? Why not sing classic songs? I mean, the psalms are largely to be sung, so obviously old songs have the stamp of approval as well. But why is there an insistence on new songs being sung? And I realized that God’s mercies are new every morning, and He wants us to remember that. He is so vast and unfathomable (I love the word unfathomable–you literally can’t plumb His depths) that there is always something new to learn and celebrate. Always something new to sing about. Beginning at Adam and continuing until today, we’ve been studying God and His ways and we still haven’t run out of new things to sing about. And we never will. For all of eternity we will be singing new songs.

Ahhh God is such an incredible wonder! He’s completely static–unchanged and unchangeable–yet so utterly immense that we can and will spend all of eternity discovering new delights about Him. I imagine it will be something like trying to explore the universe inch by inch. I have been trying to explore Bristol, and I hope to see a decent amount of it while I’m here, but I know that even after a year there will be plenty of stones left unturned, plenty of secrets left undiscovered. But imagine discovering the whole world, finding each and every one of its hidden gems, taking the time to linger over them and savor them. Delighting in each beautiful scene. Returning to your favorites to see them in a different season or a different light, then continuing on. And then once you’d discovered the entire world, seen and enjoyed all of its treasures, repeating it on the moon, inch by inch. Then on Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto (it’s still a planet in my heart), the sun, every astroid, then every other star, planet, supernovae, black hole that the universe has to offer. Inch by inch. That’s now how I’m kind of picturing eternity. An endless lifetime of discovering the wonder of God. I can get excited about that!

3 thoughts on “New Every Morning

    1. Eternity…what a thought process, new every morning because God is so immense, after all, He’s everywhere present. You bring joy to my heart, Alli!


  1. The multifaceted wisdom of our Heavenly Father will take eternity to enjoy!
    Every morning there is a new sunrise to experience!God is full of surprises every new day!
    Love your posts!Made me smile!


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