Credit Where it’s Due

Today, I snuggled with two cats.

That is, quite literally, a miracle! I have had terrible allergies since I was very young, and I’ve been especially allergic to cats and horses. Many of you who follow me know that I’ve been praying and believing to be healed from them and had seen some progress already, but guys … I’M HEALED!

I was having dinner with some local YWAMers, and walked in to find they had two cats. I had my normal “oh crap” reaction at first, but then I reminded myself that I believed God was healing me and decided I would be fine. So we sat down and started chatting, and the cats decided they LOVED me. Both of them curled up on my lap. (The owners said they NEVER snuggled together with someone.) So I rolled with it and just pet them because they were cute and fluffy. Not even a sneeze, a sniffle, or a tickle. No hives, no puffy eyes. Nothing. AHHHHHHHH! God is so friggin good!!!!

I told my YWAM friends, and they rejoiced with me. Of course, they see healings all the time, and even I was fully expecting that this would be the eventual outcome, so it was subdued celebration. But all the same, we were excited!

I next went to see some other Christian friends … and their first reaction was to offer up alternate explanations. “Maybe you just grew out of your allergies. That happens all the time. I developed a lactose allergy when I was 30.” … Why do Christians do that? I really don’t mean to point fingers, because it’s a really common thing. I know that’s generally my first reaction when I hear about something miraculous. “Are you sure? Maybe they were exaggerating, or lying to make you feel better or just get you to leave them alone. Maybe it was the placebo effect. Maybe they’re body healed naturally.” WHY DO WE DO THAT?! Even if my body DID just decide it had had about enough of allergies after 22 ish years and healed naturally, THAT’S STILL GOD. HE is the one who designed my body. HE is the one who gave it the ability to heal itself. Credit where it’s due!

I was reading a book recently that talks about science and God. In one of the chapters he was talking about miracles, and said he believed that they could happen but that they were very rare, and to assign the term “miracle” to something that could have had another cause sort of cheapened God. Whaaaaa? Let’s be plain about this. GOD IS THE SOURCE OF EVERY GOOD THING. IF THERE IS TRUE HEALING, IT IS FROM GOD. Whether or not it defied science and you want to label it a “miracle” isn’t really the point. Miracle or not, glorify God.

I have several friends in need of healing right now, some of them pretty dire. Well, I just got a little faith boost, so it’s time to hit the prayer room with some bold declarations.

My God heals.
He healed me today.
He will heal again tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Credit Where it’s Due

  1. AMEN and AMEN!God is good always! I believe God Bless anted you to know you are healed by those kitty showing you His love.Love ya girl!


  2. AMEN, AMEN,AMEN! IT’S a wile of the devil to ascribe God’s glory to anything other than GOD! THANKFUL for God healing you, Alli!


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