So, I feel like I’ve been writing mostly about these big revelations or world-rocking moments I’ve been having here. And that’s awesome and amazing because I love that God is rocking my world, and goodness knows there has been more than enough revelation/realization to provide the material for probably triple the amount of posts I’m actually writing. But I just wanted to do a fun post today to assure people that, in the meantime, and for the most part, we’re all here just kinda doing life. Life is really really weird here, sure. But it’s also a good time. We have dance parties…

a lot….

We watch sunsets…

a lot….

We eat together…

(sometimes we eat candy that turns our tongues exciting colors)

we laugh…

we beach…

We sing, pray, talk, cry, just love each other. I can’t imagine that just two months ago I was still working at Pearl Harbor and had no idea who these people were. I can’t comprehend not having them in my life and loving them. My team is amazing and every day I just appreciate them more. The other people in the school bring me constant joy. God is showing me every day how much He loves me. Life at YWAM isn’t always easy, it isn’t always fun (although it frequently is), but it IS superlative. I’ll just leave you with one final video, made by our lovely and talented Juhee. This is from our team time last week. Love you all!

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