Drumroll Please…

Today we learned our options!


Ok, I’ll stop making you wait! The options are:

1. Papua New Guinea!


2. Paraguay!


3. Philippines!


4. USA! (…USA…?)


5. Uganda!


6. Cambodia!

Angkor Wat

7. Germany! (But I can’t go here…it’s for a specific track which I am not in.)


There are two others as well, but I can’t tell you where they are. But they’re in Asia.

All of these places would be awesome! This is going to be a TOUGH decision. Fortunately I can pray about this. Unfortunately, I’m not amazing at hearing God’s voice yet. I thiiiiink I have my top two picked out. I think. More later! All the love ❤

4 thoughts on “Drumroll Please…

  1. You are good at hearing God’s voice because you’re His child seeking His will and He is closer than your very breath. Trust that you will “know.” You know He will not fail you EVER. We are upholding you in prayer!👏🏻👍💕👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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  2. You may not think you know how to listen to God yet, but He knows how to get through to you. He knows you inside and out and knows what will get your attention and what you will hear and how. Trust Him to get through. You need His guidance and He knows that. Doesn’t God meet all our needs? Sure He does and He always will. Keep up the great posts. You are in our prayers. I get so excited to see a new post. You are GREAT! You love God just like David did. Just like Daniel. Just like Samuel! Just like Joseph! Think about when they were young and they stood for God. You are just like them! Love you!

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  3. Sometimes it’s not s an audible voice, but a settled “knowing” that whispers an answer of peace. Others have seen revelation. There’s no particular cookie cutter formula that works the same for everyone, so be patient with yourself and God will teach you how He communicates with your spirit. It’s not so much HOW you get the message, but rather THAT you get it. At a recent event someone taught that a great place to start learning how God communicates is, “Act on every godly thought.” That really lived for me. Believe me, we’re all still trying to figure it out. And there will be times you won’t need specific revelation because you already have the answer from the written Word. I’ve also been seeing that other times, God really leaves the choice up to you and doesn’t tell you what to do, honoring your free will. Just some things I’ve been learning along the same lines of what I see you challenged with. The biggest thing though is to get to the place of being peaceful and confident in taking believing action…that’s where God’s power really shines through. And even if we make a bad decision from time to time, God will not abandon us. Go forth courageously! This is your time!

    God bless you dear lady! So blessed and excited for you!

    Christine Uyehara


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